Fall in Love - Trbute to Selena Ft. JKing

Hooked on Your Love

Put the Music On

Live Performance!  Flash It!

Atlanta, GA

Still Involved

Skinny Jeans


Sad and Blue
Get it here!

​Mixtape - 80/20

Nubia Emmon

Jarrod with a G - Live Performance SXSW, Austin, TX

You're All I need to Get By

Tomar & The FCs ft Nubia Emmon, 

National Anthem (UT, Austin, TX) -

Nubia Emmon

Live Performance, TYRONE @9a

New York

Nubia Emmon & SiLLLy Aces

Live Performance, Austin

​Live performance - New York

Bag Lady Cover @ Harlem Nights

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